Provisional Credit Agreement

We may refuse acceptance, accept only for pickup or return all or part of the down payment. Items that we accept for down payment or pickup will only be received from us for down payment and pickup. We act only as your presenter and assume no responsibility beyond the duty of care. Unless your account is notified otherwise, all items will be provisionally credited to your account, subject to the final cash payment or means of payment or withdrawal if the item is returned without pay. We may take into account information relating to all items we have taken for deposit or withdrawal, with the exception of the identification of the payer bank, the amount indicated in words in the space indicated on the article for such information, mentions and any other information coded on the MICR line according to our usual procedures. We are not responsible for the failure or negligence of correspondence banks, clearing houses or a federal reserve bank, nor are we responsible for transit losses. Specific instructions for processing an article are only effective if they are written and given to us at the same time as the article in question. We are not responsible for deposits until we actually get the deposits. 2. CARD TRANSACTIONS SUBJECT TO GOVERNING AGREEMENTS; PERMISSION TO DEBIT THE ACCOUNT.

Transactions made by the use of the card are subject to the terms of this account agreement and you authorize us to debit or credit the corresponding account for the amount and type of transaction made under these Terms and Conditions. If you have a line of credit linked to your account (z.B. Checkline Reserve®, Checkline Reserve Plus®, Capital Line or EquityLine) by requesting a card to specifically request access to the credit line, and you understand and accept that the provisions of the agreement govern the provisions of the overdraft agreement, automatic advances to maintain the minimum balance required to avoid account service charges. and direct advances resulting from the use of the card. You allow us to debit your corresponding deposit account for all payments due on your line of credit, whether the line of credit is in default or not. To the extent permitted by law, waive any notification of non-payment, ignorance or protest about property credited or debited from your account. If you deposit a cheque .B and return it without pay or if we send a non-payment, we do not have to notify you unless required by federal REGULATIONS CC or other laws. We will not be responsible for paying a cheque before the date unless you tell us in advance that you have issued a post-taken cheque. We use the right to collect a tax on all post-taken cheque notices, as permitted by current legislation. A post-taken cheque notice will remain in effect until the date of the cheque or six months from the date we receive the notification. We can pay the cheque if it is presented for payment on the date or after the date of the cheque.

A written notification of a post-initial exam is only valid after we receive it. Your message should tell us the exact amount and date of the item, the name of the recipient and the number of the cheque and account. We are not responsible for paying a cheque before the date if the information you give us is not accurate, if you do not give us other reasonable information about the item, or if we do not have enough time to respond to your request. We are entitled to a reasonable period of time (no less than 24 hours) after you have informed us of a post-planned review to inform our employees. If we are asked not to pay a cheque before the date, you agree to be responsible for any losses, expenses and expenses (including legal fees) that we incurred as a result of our refusal to pay the cheque. We are not responsible or responsible if we pay the cheque against your notification, if the payment is made before we have had a reasonable time to respond to your notification, if the payment is made as a result of an accident, accident or monitoring, if the notification has expired

Dec, 15, 2020