Tv Licence Tenancy Agreement

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for the television license for your rented item? The only exception is when the rental agreement clearly indicates that the tenant is responsible for the purchase of the TV licence. Property Hawk`s FREE Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) refers to tenants` responsibility for utilities, but is not specific with respect to the TV licence. Regarding the guaranteed obligations of tenants, Para 3.2 indicates that I am moving to a new location and in my new rental agreement, a statement has caught my attention: if you are a landlord with a property with a certain number of tenants having a common lease, then only a TV license is considered necessary. If each tenant has his own rental contract, z.B. in an HMO (House-in-Multi occupation), then you are expected to have a separate license for each tenant. The law states that if the owner does not provide a television, then the responsibility for the purchase of a licence rests with the tenant. What is certain is that he did not include it to “legally force you to obtain a license.” This is only a standard model clause as a his-ass coverage statement to avoid any misunderstanding if some tenants claim they would cover it in the rent. In other words, “I thought the TV license was included in the rent. No one told me anything else! The law is clear with respect to the responsibility for paying the television licence.

If the owner does not provide the television, it is the tenant`s responsibility to purchase the TV license. The owner poses the TV Don`t try to do it from the kindness of your heart, though, because it can come back to bite you. If, as a landlord, you provide a TV to a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property has a valid TV license. If each tenant has their own lease agreement, as would be the case for a multi-occupancy home (HMO), the landlord should acquire a separate licence for each tenant. Charge the Tenant for the TV License Have you thought about just contacting the landlord and telling them that you are not using devices that need a TV license and see if they are in good standing? I mean, it`s the easiest way forward. So I decided to specify for the owners who is responsible for paying the TV license for their rental property. I just did it, and I had the similar response to /u/jpknz. I asked here because it was 10pm and I thought I could have an idea to talk to the real estate agency (they prepared the agreement on behalf of the owner). They replied, this is only the standard formulation (sic!) to ensure that the tv license is not paid by the owner.

Therefore, the Property Hawk lease agreement would not guarantee that a landlord who provides a television to his tenant would not be responsible for paying the TV licence.

Dec, 19, 2020