Anz Merchant Agreement

9 An example of a sales voucher is presented below. Card Not Present Transactions using a Mail, Telephone or Internet Order Transaction Voucher or IVR Authorisation and Settlement Service Receive and record the following credit card data on the order order by email, phone or internet that we make available to you: Credit card expiry date Date Date transactions are also entered in the form of manual transactions or main account number (PAN). PAN input is the manual entry of credit card data into your EFTPOS terminal. To process this type of transaction, you must: 1. Credit card data of the cardholder: Credit card account number Expiration date 2. Enter credit card details manually into the EFTPOS terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. 3. The EFTPOS terminal will request automatic authorization: if the transaction has been successfully authorized, an accepted message will appear on the EFTPOS terminal. Send or provide goods or services to the customer. If a rejected message is displayed on the EFTPOS terminal, do not provide or send goods or services and ask the cardholder for another payment method. You must keep the dealer`s copy of all transaction documents in a safe place for 18 months. Transaction documents can be destroyed after 18 months by grinding them into small pieces. Important note: the IVR`s authorization and billing service only deals with the whole dollar values, you must round or round the value of your product or service accordingly and tell your customers who pay by credit card that this roundness is done.

It is also recommended that you register and retain appropriate identification data that may contain the cardholder`s physical address, a telephone number for fixed contacts (i.e. not a mobile phone number), the name of the card issuer`s organization, and the country in which the credit card was issued. If you have a signed credit card holder`s authority to debit your credit card, we advise you to keep it in a safe place for at least 18 months, as we can request it at any time to justify the transaction. For telephone orders, we recommend that you request a fax or written confirmation from the customer as a precaution against fraud. All postal, telephone or Internet transactions require authorization before the goods are sent to the customer. Call the credit card authorization center for credit card authorizations selected from the menu. You are asked to enter your dealer number and PIN (your PIN number is the last number in your dealer number).

Apr, 08, 2021